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ZamZar Video Conversion

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How to convert YouTube videos for use in district. 


There are several sources for educationally sound and valuable videos.

TeacherTube has been specifically set up for educators to upload videos to share with others and is currently accessible in district.

YouTube, although often covered in the news for its less-than-stellar contents, contains MANY useful videos for taching and learning.

Currently, YouTube is not availble in district.


ZamZar is a conversion program that will change the format of the useful video so that it can be viewed in district.



in step 2...choose wmv


The converted video will be sent to you in an email. You have 24 hours to down load the video for use. The site will only save the file for that long.

If you want to use the converted video at a later date, save it temporarily on your hard drive (not for long--not good for your computer!) or on a CD or a thumb drive.


You will have to start the conversion process at home because you will have to access the YouTube site for the video you want.

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