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UHCL Presentation June 23rd

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     Consumers to Producers

          Talks Clay Shirky: How Twitter Can Make History



    Resources and Blog Responses to the Tools

          Blogroll of current players

          List of Graduates

               2009 blogroll

               2008 list

          Google Reader Share link

               Current Players


3. Student Products for the 21st Century

     Application of the 23 Things

          Picture Manipulation

               Flickr Creative Commons (Flickr CC)

          Image generators

               Motivational posters



                         PLAY TIME


          Interactive Games



                           PLAY TIME



          Animoto   samples
               Bluebonnets 09-10
4.  11.5 More Things OVERVIEW            Back Channel anyone? http://todaysmeet.com/UHCL   
          Thing #5 Microblogging
          Thing #7 Video Hosting
          Thing #8 Screencast    Sample   Create a Rap
                         PLAY TIME


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