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Secondary Social Studies

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Resources, Technology, Activities and Samples  for SBISD Secondary Social Studies



Image Generators

Combination of visual(s) and small bits of text



Big Huge Labs 


Image Chef 


ImageGenerator. org



Create Political Cartoons

Grade 11 TAKS Objective 5 (analysis of historical & current information), TEKS US24 F Identify bias in...visual material

Grade 10 TAKS Objective 5 (analyze social studies information), TEKS 830 F Identify bias in...visual material

Grade 8 TAKS Objective 5 (analyze social studies information), TEKS 830 F Identify bias in...visual material


Background information from ABC-CLIO American Government -- sample political cartoons


  • Crittenden Compromise: political cartoon
  • election of 1888: political cartoon
  • election of 1912: political cartoon
  • Emancipation Proclamation: political cartoon
  • Hartford Convention: political cartoon
  • Johnson, Andrew: impeachment political cartoon
  • Panic of 1837: political cartoon
  • suffrage movement political cartoon
  • Twenty-second amendment political cartoon
  • War of 1812: political cartoon 


     More cartoon samples from the Library of Congress collection




    From Miller NAWSA Suffrage Scrapbooks, 1897-1911, American Memory Collection, Library of Congress


    More political cartoon resources from the American Memory Collection, Library of Congress 



    Create a Cartoon Activity


    Say What site

    Flickr Creative Commons - free copyright-friendly images


    Practice images

    Hillary Clinton  Hillary writing.jpg 

    John McCain    mccain.jpg   

    Barack Obama obama.jpg 


    Create a Cartoon Activity 2


    ToonDoon site

    Create single-cell to books of cartoon panels.

    Use the visuals available through the site or upload your own visuals.

    You must create a free account. Requires an email address.





    Bill of Rights Review using Animoto to create a video

    Grade 8 TAKS Objective 4, TEKS 8.20B Citizenship...summarize rights guaranteed in Bill of Rights

    Grade 10 TAKS Objective 1, TEKS  8.16C Government ...explain how those grievances were addressed in the U.S. Constitution & Bill of Rights  

    Grade 10 TAKS Objective 4, TEKS 8.20 Citizenship...summarize Bill of Rights


    Created with Animoto. (long video...can be adapted for 30-second version)

    Photos were selected from Flickr Creative Common collection using key words such as Bill of Rights, speech, protest, NRA, court, courthouse, trial, jury, press, newspapers, religion, church,  etc. A couple of other visuals were pulled from Microsoft Clip Art.

    The music was selected from the Animoto collection. Any copyright-friendly mp3 music file may be uploaded and used.


    To create a video in Animoto, you must register. If you use a school email address, you can participate in the educators' program and get a pass to be able to create longer videos.     More information about using Animoto..


    To create a video, it is a 3-step process.

    1. Select and upload copyright-friendly photos or visuals.  10-12/13 for 30-second free version. Longer version can use more files.

    2. Select a music file from the site or upload a copyright-friendly file of your choice.

    3. Click Finalize and the program takes over for you! This process takes a few minutes. There is a timeline you can watch or you can move onto other things and come back later. You will also receive an email indicating that your video is ready to use.



    Click here to see this sample about the Bill of Rights review for secondary level.



    Here are some more Social Studies-related Animoto samples:


    Tibet - Views of Tibet & the Olympic protest. Used in 9th World Geography to introduce overview, discuss current events.

    Free At Last - Civil Rights review. Used in 8th grade.

    Texas - Overview of geography, cities for use in 7th grade. Was created as demo to show process. Could easily be adapted for regions, countries, etc.



    RESEARCH Product using PhotoStory 


    Here is an example of a student-produced (group of students) PhotoStory in which they discuss their findings about American Symbols.



    How about using PhotoStory to explain Jacksonian Democracy?


    Here is a incomplete PhotoStory about Jackson and some of the issues during his presidency. 





    Need some help with PhotoStory? 



    Interactive Map Fun!


    States Review

    Visited State Map

    Mark states visited or studied or ?


    States Review


    Interactive recognition practice of States.


    European Countries Review


    Interactive recognition practice of countries in Europe.


    Physical Maps / Political Maps

    Google Maps Transparencies  

    Interactive mashup of political maps & satellite physical maps from Google.

    Currently available for US, Canadian and UK locations.


    Global Current Events

    Yahoo NewsGlobe 

    View it in auto mode or interactive mode.


    Travel IQ Challenge

    How Well Do You Know Your World? 

    presented by TravelPod, the Web's First Travel Blog ( A TripAdvisor Media Network member ) 

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