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Secondary Language Arts

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Library Resources, Technology, Activities and Samples for SBISD Secondary Language Arts



Photo Biography (auto biography)


1. Take a picture with a digital camera  and save it to My Pictures on your hard drive or on the desktop  OR upload an image from another source.

2. Go to Magazine Cover generator (from Big Huge Labs)

3. Follow the steps.


For the various lines of texts, list characteristics or facts about the person.

If the magazine cover is part of a larger project (example: a traditional report or research paper about the person) then the lines of text could be used as an informal outline or "chapter" headings


Middle School Sample of a Book Review created with PhotoStory. 







Writing Exercise


Use the site One Word

Read some samples from One Word. Click on the orange arrows for more from the archives.

Use some of the samples as story starters for other activities and compare the differences.





Literary Elements -  9th Grade


A visual review of literary elements using a short video created in Animoto.

The students would have already received and worked with the definitions of various literary elements (characters, conflict, point of view, setting, tone, etc.) This would be shown as a follow-up activity to initiate discussion as to what elements are represented and how the photos represent the element(s). Some photos can represent more than one thought and could be interpreted on higher levels depending on how much previoous knowledge the students may have.

These photos were chosen to represent elements.

The activity could be altered to represent the elements found in a particular book or story or even a particular genre.




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