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Photo Story

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Using Photo Story to create a podcast with pictures

(also known as a vid-cast)



Photo Story 3 is a free program availabe from Microsoft. It should be on your district computer or you can download it for your use. You will simply be asked to verify that you are a Windows user.


To create a story, you simply upload copyright-friendly photos or other graphics of your choice and arrange them in the order you want them to appear.

You will have the opportunity to include some notes that you may want to cover in the audio portion of the story. You also can add music behind your narration from music included on the site or from a copyright-friendly source of your choosing.


Go here for step-by-step assistance, along with screen shots of help.


This is  one-page document you can also use to guide you in creating your story.





Here is a Photo Story that some students put together to teach about American symbols.

American Symbols Photo story.wmv 

Samples of 6th PhotoStories on subjects involving the Middle East


Here is an incomplete PhotoStory about Jackson and issues from his presidency.

Would you like to play with it? you can change the order, add more pictures, record information.

You will be asked to save it. Feel free to save it if you wish. Please do not save your experiment to the wiki!




Here is another picture (political cartoon of Jackson)  you could choose to add to this Jackson photo story.

Jackson cartoon.jpg



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