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Library2Play 23 Things Follow Up

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To follow up on your successful graduation from the Library2Play 23 Things professional development last Summer, please respond back to the following:


What Things have you introduced to your students?


Avatars, photostories, blogging


I have introduced blogs to my students.  I have also used many of the other sites for various things. 


at the beginning of the year, I used the Yahoo Avatars to create avatars, and the students wrote about their creation in a presentation power point created and saved on Google Docs.

Problem:  SBISD network couldn’t handle the overload and shut down on us 2 days in a row every period.  So I had to scrap the project and finish it on paper.  Also, on Google Docs, if you don’t save “manually” and just press the “save” button, and there is a glitch in the network/back up, then it doesn’t save.  Many students thought they saved, but it was not there the next time they logged on. 


Blogging, creating avatars, adding pictures to text


Photostory, trading cards, use the blog as a class newsletter


photostory; magazine cover; trading cards; flickr and other sights for finding photos; sights for free music; my blog


I did the trading card with the Texas Explorers. 


We have started blogging and we have created 2-3 trading cards for Social Studies.  We have used Flickr for image searches

The trading cards are saved in their san server as we are trying to meet the goal of having an electronic social studies portfolio.

Through the use of flickr the students have been able to research photos that go with the subject they are investigating and enhance their presentation.  They have also used this for science research when we worked on our experiments.


I started a blog on which students were asked to respond on certain issues; I gave them grades for responding.  My blog also has a list of writing rules which I ask them to refer to before every paper.  The students would respond on the blog, but use the ideas to produce a paper for the class.

We tried the wiki, but the students had more trouble using it as they had to find the correct page to respond.   

What were the end products the students produced?

Is there a place online we can view some of those products?

(URL where they are posted)


avatars for fun as practice, photostories for academic projects, blogging on facebook


class blog http://gartner5th.blogspot.com/


Students have their own blogs http://www.classblogmeister.com/blog.php?blogger_id=191141 


Photostory of a state, trading cards – 3-d shapes, science tools

  No sorry.  Although the blog is www.mrsgalbraithsclass.blogspot.com   it hasn’t been updated in awhile as I have been on maternity leave 


look at my blog http://mdelab.blogspot.com/


Basking in Bluebonnets blog - look at the students comments on the various projects 

here is Camp WriteAlot in particular! http://baskinginblonnets.blogspot.com/2009/02/reflection-on-camp-write-lotta.html


A few links to some blogs are:




My blog has reactions by students  (same one I signed up with last summer) http://technicolordaydreamer.blogspot.com/


What Things have you used or used in collaboration with other teachers/librarians?

Do you have any end products we could view online?


no, none


I use Shelfari to communicate my reading to other teachers


Highlight:  I have shown Google Docs to many colleagues as a different tool to save their documents and presentations in lieu of sticks and drives.  That has been successful and appreciated.  I have plenty of documents/presentations saved there; it’s great because you can invite others to view and collaborate too. 


Nings (Facebook) and wikis (the latter didn’t work out too well)


Our 4th grade team did many of the same projects


All the same  

photostory; magazine cover; trading cards; flickr and other sights for finding photos; sights for free music; my blog


several podcasts are found on teacher's webpage http://cms.springbranchisd.com/Default.aspx?tabid=5732 other 23 Things used on the page.


These are only a few of the blogs and are also done in conjunction with the blogging class directed by Guusje Moore during our ASAP program.  The students have a common email account set up by Guusje and have access to their blog during computer lab and free time in the class.  They also have access at home if they have a computer.

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