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iTouch 2

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I was very lucky that I was able to work with the I touches and apps this past summer. We downloaded a number of apps and worked with the students using different applications.

How to Install Application on an I Pod Touch

One application that immediately popped into my head was Facebook. I can see the students all using their Facebook application and working on a Facebook page. You could have a class Facebook page. Each student could be assigned a different point of view or persona. They could post comments back and forth in a discussion type format on the Facebook page. Then there would be a written copy of everyones work.

Likewise, because the internet is avaiable on I-touch - I could easily see students working together, researching and collaborating in a wiki on a project. They could be using the internet, a wiki, and an I touch app such as Google Earth to follow a person in history through the steps of their life, to watch butterflies migrate, to look at different types of land forms, and many other ideas.

Additionally, students could use the Weather channel app and the writing app on the I-touch to make a chart of different weather conditions in different areas of the United States. They could also follow the changes in temperature in different towns through out the day. They could then plot their information and see the diferences based on where that area is in the United States or world.

An immediate option is the Skype app. Students could talk and collaborate with a "Skype pal" in another classroom in another state or country.

There are also many brainteaser, puzzle type apps that help create a deeper mathematical understanding through "play." The Dictionary and Thesaurs app uses are evident. But, I think it would be fun when teaching the uses of a dictionary or thesaurs to use the app and I-touch rather than just the book form of each. Students would be drawn to the I-touch and might actually begin to use a dictionary or thesaurus more often.

Of course newspapers can be read on an I-touch app as well. This can make for interesting work on current events in a history class. These are just a few apps and activities that could be done in a library or in a classroom.




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