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Informal Survey for 23 Things Audience

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Do you read blogs?


Do you comment on blogs?


Do you have a blog? Do you know someone who has a blog?


Do you have FaceBook friends? Do you Twitter? Have you ever Skyped?


Have you used a wiki?


Have you contributed to a wiki?


Have you used a podcast (or vidcast)?


Have you created a podcast?


Do you use an RSS Reader?


Do you use a photo sharing site?


Do you manipulate or mash-up photos? Have a favorite image generator site?


Do you create PhotoStories (iMovies) or Animotos?


Have you used resources from YouTube, TeacherTube, or SchoolTube?


Have you uploaded things you have created to these resources?


Do you know there are free sites for every one of these resources or production tools?




But most importantly...



Do YOUR Patrons use these "Things"...  with or without you?






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