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Image Generators

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Image Generators

Combination of visual(s) and small bits of text


Big Huge Labs 

  • Magazine cover

    • Select image from copyright- friendly source or create a digital image of your own. Upload to the site.
    • Create lines of text based on assignment / need
    • Click Create. Upload to site or print.


 Idea: Use as an introduction / cover to a more indepth research project or assignment.



 Image from Facts on File Curriculum Resource Center, Jr. Ed.

 Information from Encyclopedia Britainica Online, Facts on File Curriculum Center, Jr. Ed., Sam Houston Memorial Museum


  • Trading Cards

    • Select image from copyright-friendly source or create your own digital image.
    • Upload the image to the site.
    • Add title, sub-title and additional notes as needed.



 Image & information from ABC-Clio United States Geography   


Knight card: Image from  Smithsonian files of inventions. Some of the facts came from the Bluebonnet book, the online Britannica's 

Guide to Women's History , and ask.com


  • Mosaic Maker
    • Select a series of photos from a copyright-friendly resource such as Flickr Creative Commons
    • Select an arrangement / pattern
    • Select highlight colors


A Landforms Mosaic                                                                               An Alphabet or Vocabulary Builder Mosaic 


All images came from Flickr Creative Commons.




Motivator posters


A teacher created these to use in his classroom centers and incorporated the "I Can" theme into them as well.




Image Chef 

Another source for simple image generators


Idea: What about making this a part of a State report?




Photo from ABC-CLIO American History




A very comprehensive list of all types of image generators.




More Simple Image Generators

     Type text. Create. Right-click and Save As -- save as jpg in YOUR My Pictures File.

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