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How to Capture and Save Images

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SCROLL DOWN to see how to capture & save images from:

  • Flickr Creative Commons
  • Discovery Education from the Library Resources Page



How to get a photo from Flickr Creative Commons 


1. Open the page.

2. Do NOT use the search box at the top on the right.

3. Select one of the groups



4. Enter your search term in the box for the group you have selected.

5. Look through the pages for the picture you want.

6. Click on the picture you want.


7. Click on the ALL Sizes just above the picture.



8. Select the size. Medium is usually a good choice. It will not use a lot of memory, but be sure and save a large enough file that when you use it in something, it is not all grainy.  Thumbnails are just that. They are too small to be very useful in image generators or other programs.






How to get images from Discovery Education (found on the Library Resources Page)


1. You will have to use the sign on & password to get into Discovery Education (even at school!)

2. Enter your search word and select IMAGES.



3. select your picture and click on it to open it.



4. When you right-click on Preview, go to SAVE TARGET AS.

5. You should save in MY Pctures file. 


These directions for these two sources basically represent the method for capturing most images from most sources.


If you make it a habit to save all images you upload to your MY PICTURES folder in your MY DOCUMENTS, it will make it much easier for you to browse and locate things you want.


Also, if you are collecting a group of photos for a particular project, save them in a folder and then place that folder in your MY Pictures folder. It will make it easier and faster for you to upload the group if they are already together.






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