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Health Fitness

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Library Resources, Technology, Activities and Samples for SBISD Health Fitness



Promote Health & Wellness Posters


Use Create a Poster from Big Huge Labs


Let the students select a photo that represents a healthy activity, attitude or food.

Better yet, let them take digital pictures of things that represent Health & Wellness to them.



 Photos from Flickr Creative Commons


Have a health-related theme you want to promote?

Use Photo Frame from Image Chef



Photos from Flickr Creative Commons



Display Class Stars or Winners


Use Award Frame from Image Chef.

Take digital pictures of students doing their special talents, especially healthy ones!



 Photos from Flickr Creative Commons


Student point of view:

Let students decide what healthy habit each class member excels at or is the star of.

Let them capture a digital picture of that special talent or strength!


Let each student decide what is his or her own healthy habit is and allow each to create a photo.


Cross-curricular idea:

Collaborate with the language arts teachers on having the students write brief descriptions why they think their choice is their strength.



Basic Health Facts


Have students research basic facts about health concerns that they or their classmates might have.

Use Trading Cards as the means of reporting what they learn.

Idea: Make multiple copies of these cards for the school nurse or librarian to have availble to share when some asks for help!


Info and photo from Teen Health & Wellness (Library Resources Page)



Using PhotoStory to Share Information


PhotoStory is a free program from Microsoft. It is a part of the SBISD loadset and is already on your computers under Applications.

If you use a computer that does not have it, it is a free download from the Internet.


The Food Pyramid -- an idea for a PhotoStory.

The photo of the Pyramid came from Facts on File Health Center from the Library Resources Page.

The pictuires of the food groups came from Flickr Creative Commons which is a photo storage site with millions of free, copyright-right friendly photos.



Healthy Habits Introduction using Animoto


Click here to see a TEASe (Teachnology Enhanced Anticipatory Set) that could be used as a way to introduce a healthy habits discussion or unit.

It is a video made from pictures with music added.


A 30-second Animoto is free. You do have to register and give an email address.

You will need 12-13 pictures to upload. (Find your picture and put them together in a folder before you begin the process.

Step 1: Upload the pictures. Arrange the order.

Step 2: Select music from the site or from another copyright-friendly site such as Incomptech

Step 3: The program will take over at this point and make the pictures move to the music!

You can do other things while this is happening. You will receive an email when it is complete.


Click here for other Animoto samples made for other subjects and grade levels.

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