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Elementary Social Studies

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Resources, Technology, Activities and Samples  for SBISD Elementary Social Studies


Demo on how to create an elementary Social Studies Biography Trading Card of Abraham Lincoln



Photograph:Abraham Lincoln, 1863.


Trading Card site

Discovery Education site for photo Lincolnphot.jpg 


Notes about A. Lincoln from Online Encyclopedia Britannica and White House for Kids


16th President

Tallest at 6'4"

Wrote Emancipation Proclamation - freedom for slaves

Assassinated while at Ford's Theater




Image Generators

Combination of visual(s) and small bits of text



Big Huge Labs 


Image Chef 


ImageGenerator. org



2nd Grade American Symbols


TEKS 113.4.B.14.B - identify selected symbols such as state and national birds and flowers and patriotic symbols such as the U.S. and Texas flags and Uncle Sam

American Symbols

A TEASe (Technology Enhanced Anticipatory Set) for introducing the patriotic symbols of the United States created using Animoto 


American Symbols PhotoStory  (scroll towards the bottom)

Take a look at a PhotoStory where some students talk about what they learned about American Symbols.



4th Grade Siginificant Explorers


TEKS 113.6.B.2.B - identify the accomplishments of significant explorers such as Cabeza de Vaca; Christopher Columbus; Francisco Coronado; and Rene Robert Cavelier, Sieur de la Salle, and explain their impact on the settlement of Texas 

Example of an Explorer using a Magazine Cover click here


5th Grade American Revolution


TEKS 113.7.B.2.C - summarize the results of the American Revolution, including the establishment of the United States and the origins of U.S. military institutions

Example of an Animoto to introduce a unit on the American Revolution click here

5th Grade Landforms 


TEKS 113.7.B.7.B - describe a variety of regions in the United States such as landforms, climate, and vegetation regions that result from physical characteristics

Example of Landforms using Mosaic Maker click here

5th Grade Inventors and Scientists


TEKS 113.7.B.24.A -describe the contributions of famous inventors and scientists such as Neil Armstrong, John J. Audubon, Benjamin Banneker, Clarence Birdseye, George Washington Carver, Thomas Edison, and Carl Sagan

Example of an Inventor Trading card click here 


Interactive Map Fun!


States Review

Visited State Map

Mark states visited or studied or ?


States Review


An interactive map of the United States where students can practice state locations against the clock!


European Countries Review


Interactive recognition practice of countries in Europe. Play against the clock!


Physical Maps / Political Maps

Google Maps Transparencies  

Interactive mashup of political maps & satellite physical maps from Google.

Currently available for US, Canadian and UK locations.


Global Current Events

Yahoo NewsGlobe 

View it in auto mode or interactive mode.


Travel IQ Challenge

How Well Do You Know Your World? 


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