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Elementary Science

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Library Resources, Technology, Activities and Samples  for SBISD Elementary Science 



4th grade Electricity Unit


Electrified Learning

FOSS KIt demonstration that was created in PhotoStory and has been uploaded to TeacherTube.

This resource was created by a Spring Branch teacher and uploaded to the video site by the teacher.

After opening the TeacherTube site, use the keyword FOSS to search for this video.



Habitat Experience


One team builds a Wild Self .

A second team describes the habitat necessary to support the Wild Self.



Who Am I?  PPT for animal/ habitat study

cheetahwho am i.ppt 



Food Webs - online activity

Harcourt School Publishers provides a free interactive page for studying animal food webs 

Habitats include a meadow, a pond, and the arctic.


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