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Elementary Language Arts

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Library Resources, Technology, Activities and Samples  for SBISD Elementary Language Arts



Sample of student book review created with Audacity


John's review of The Lightning Thief

John review.wav


Book Talks thru Blogging


TWEeter sample question & responses



Biography Activity or a Bluebonnet Book Review


Use the Trading Card image generator (from Big Huge Labs) as an end product.


This is a sample created from reading the Bluebonnet title Marvelous Mattie by McCully from the 2008-2009 list.

There was no photograph available of Margaret E. Knight, the inventor, but this photograph of her bag folding machine came from the Smithsonian files of inventions.

Some of the facts came from the Bluebonnet book, the online Britannica's Guide to Women's History , and ask.com 



 Alphabet Study or Vocabulary Builder


Use Mosaic Maker. Collect a group of pictures. Take you own digtial photos or use some from Flickr Creative Commons.


Click here to see a sample of things starting with  the letter "P" 


Book Review Blogs


A Library By Any Other Name  - blog roll


Google Reader

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