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APPS for the I-Touch

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Educationally appropriate APPS are listed below. Unless specifically stated, they are FREE.


When leaving a comment (in box below) about  an APP, please include a brief description of how the APP may be used for the lesson, project or research.

Include the EXACT NAME of  the APP as several versions of some apps exist.


Google Earth App - Google Mobile info about this app.  YouTube review of this app.  information


Wooden Labyrinth 3-D Lite version is free.  information


Sudoku (Made by Mighty Mighty Good Games)  information 


KenKen Lite  - uses math concepts to solve puzzles similar in looks to Sudoku  information  mobile info


Fling Free - puzzle game (pushing furballs off the screen) information


Hangman -  information


Paper Toss - Backflip Studios.   information  YouTube review of this app


Touch Hockey - Backflip Studios.  information  YouTube review of this app


Action Bowling Free - information  YouTube review of this app


Level -  carpenter's bubble level, inch ruler, and centimeter ruler!  information


Constitution for iPhone & iPod Touch (Clint Bagwell Consulting) -  information 

Declaration (of Independence) for iPhone & iPod Touch (Clint Bagwell Consulting) 


USA Factbook Free (ADS Software Group, Inc.) - states' info. Includes maps. Information


HearPlanet (Lite) - Talking tour guide(book) of famous places. Look at a picture of the location while information about is being said to you! The Lite version is free.  Information


NASA - dynamically updated information, images and videos from various online NASA sources. Users can access NASA countdown clocks, the NASA Image of the Day, Astronomy Image of the Day, online videos information   FAQs


NASA Lunar Electric Rover Simulator - experience what it might be like to ride a rover around a lunar outpost! Information  More info


NASA 3D Sun - rotate the sun and see all views. Look at flares and sunspots up close. Three-dimensional version constructed from real-time photos & movies.  Information  More info


Planets (Q Continuum) - information


iQuotations (Magnet Technologies)  screenshots & info


Art Lite  information 

database containing over 700 works of art from 10 renowned artists. You can view the biographies of all the artists and examine their most influential works. Use the iPhone's touch controls, like pinching, to really get in close to see details.


Photoshop.com Mobile App  information 


I-talk (for the microphones)


Keynote Remote (makes it a wireless presenter for MAC Keynote)






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