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Animoto Information

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Information for using Animoto


To create a video using Animoto:


You will need to register. It is a free account!

30 second videos are free. If you would like to create longer ones, you can pay $3 per video or an annual $30 for as many as you want.


1. Gather a group of 10-12/13 of copyright-friendly pictures - photos, clipart, etc.

Need a place to find those visuals? Try Flickr Creative Commons or Microsoft clipart.

It will be helpful to create a folder for these pictures labeled with the name of your project and put it on the desktop or in My Pictures on your hard drive.

Upload the pictures. You can change the order after loading. You can delete or add pictures as needed.


2. Select music. The Animoto site has many, many selections of different types of music. You also may upload music of your own choosing. Be sure it is copyright-friendly! If you need another place to look for music, try the Incomptech royalty-free music site.


3. Turn your material over to the site and let the program take over! It will take from a few t oseveral minutes for the program to create your video. You may leave the site and go noto other things. You will receive an email when your program is ready.

If you don't care for the arrangement, simple ask the program to re-do!  Or you can change the music and the arrangement will change! It's up to you!


Here are some Animoto samples that have been created for a variety of topics and different grade levels K-12.


The site also gives you several ways to share your videos with others, including saving the files and uploading to a blog, a wiki, or a service such as TeacherTube.



NEW FEATURE: Animoto NOW gives you opportunity to add a few phrases in between pictures. You will have that option on the same screen where you upload your pictures and arrange them.


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